28 May 2013

Nature Rainbow Tree

A simple nice art activity. First we had a play outside and collected things of all the colours of the rainbow, plus some twigs.

I had thought we would just make a rainbow, but Miss 4 was quite determined it would be a tree. Just as determined as she was about the order of the rainbow; Red and yellow, pink and green, purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow... I drew some lines to glue between and she did the rest.

But regardless of our differences in taste, it was a lovely art activity to do together and she was proud to show the results to Mr Crafty when he got home.

23 May 2013

Home made board game

What to do with somewhat sick kids on a chilly windy day? How about making your own board game?

We started with an A3 piece of heavy paper. I drew a track and Miss 3 coloured it in to match the activities for each square:

Pink - Go forward x spaces
Light blue - Take a "Spot What" card

Super simple landscape painting

This is Miss 4's painting using the super simple tutorial from Creative Learning (found through here)

We did it together, but I actually liked hers better than mine.

There are just 3 simple steps:
1. Sponge on watered down blue (the tutorial said water colours but we used watery poster paints)
2. Use a playdough cutting wheel to paint on green stripes
3. Use a cotton tip to paint coloured flower dots on.

A lovely way to experiment with different ways of applying paint, and cute results.

19 May 2013

Chromatography Art

Science Fun - Chromatography.

This week Miss 4 and I had a go at felt pen chromatography. It's so simple you only need kitchen paper, felt pens and water. And it's so fun we sat down for a second go when Mr 5 came home from school.

The idea is that you draw a block of colour on paper towel (about an inch from the bottom of the paper) and dip the end of the towel in water. As the water gets sucked up the paper towel, so do the
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