10 September 2013

Monster cans

Funny Faces
I was decorating the cans for the school fete knock 'ems stall. At first I thought I'd use things from computer games, but not wanting to breach any copyrights I eventually decided to make up some monsters instead. So here are my monster cans, made by cutting shapes out of coloured paper, gluing them on and using a marker pen to outline them. Finally I covered the cans in clear contact plastic.

09 September 2013

Tessellating Lions Canvas

The finished product of our lions tessellation canvas. Inspired by the lizards on Mrs Bearden's Art Room. Each child painted their own lion and then they were glued to the canvas. Let me know if you're interested in the tessellating lion, and I'll have a go at uploading it.

01 September 2013

School Bag Packing List Keyring

Our house can get a bit chaotic some mornings. Trying to remember which bits are meant to go into which bag on which days was proving to be a challenge.

So I made up these key rings so that no matter who was packing, they could check off all the contents before leaving. Even better, Mr 6 could check the checklist and (fingers crossed) bring everything back home again at the end of the day.

So simple and quick to make. Using Word I wrote up a list of things the kids needed every day, and a second list of things they needed on particular days. I made them roughly rectangular in shape, and printed them out. I cut them out and put them back to back before laminating, cutting out, and using a hole punch and key loop to finish them off.

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