28 July 2013

Hammering Out Flower and Leaf Prints

I saw this idea on Build/Make/Craft/Bake, and had to give it a go. I mean seriously, it's using a hammer to squash the colour out of natural things. How much fun could that be?

14 July 2013

Melty Bead Christmas Tree Ornaments

So it might not be Christmas season right now, but it is cold and wintery weather, and perfect for a bit of quiet indoor craft time.

I was very proud of Mr 6's own design of Christmas tree. I think he worked on it for a couple of hours.

Water Colour Pencils and Raindrops

This is the perfect activity for yet another rainy afternoon. The technique is easy, colour in a page using water colour pencils, take it out and hold it in the rain until you've collected enough raindrops on your picture.

11 July 2013

Balloon painting

I'd never seen balloon painting before (I've since seen a beautiful caterpiller on Pinterest using balloon painting). Anyway I thought I'd share Miss 4 and my experiences with it.

Tactile Chemistry

We started off with the plan of making fluffy stuff, using cornflour, shaving cream and food colour. We made up a bowl of pink and then made a second bowl of purple fluffy stuff.

Good fun in the making.

NOTE: Put the food dye on the shaving foam, not cornflour, this helps it to spread out rather than making a mixture with lots of little spots.

We moved the activity outside as it was obviously going to get pretty messy pretty quickly (and this helped the smell of the shaving foam dissipate too)

I gave Miss 4 a tray to get playing, and popped inside to get my camera. By the time I came out again, the two colours were mixed into one.

For a while this was great, but after half an hour or so Miss 4 found she couldn't really build the things she wanted to build with it.

06 July 2013

Peg Board Fairy Garden

I recently saw this lovely post at Made by Joel to use a peg board and twigs to make a play scene. The idea was still fresh in my head when we happened to be visiting relatives, and I noticed a couple of large peg boards beside some twigs collected by the fireplace.

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