19 May 2013

Chromatography Art

Science Fun - Chromatography.

This week Miss 4 and I had a go at felt pen chromatography. It's so simple you only need kitchen paper, felt pens and water. And it's so fun we sat down for a second go when Mr 5 came home from school.

The idea is that you draw a block of colour on paper towel (about an inch from the bottom of the paper) and dip the end of the towel in water. As the water gets sucked up the paper towel, so do the
colours from the felt pens, however all the different inks used to make the colour in the felt pen rise at different rates, so you get to see the colours spread out.

We started with simple blocks of colour. I drew circles in biro. Miss 4 coloured them in with what ever colours she liked. And then we watched them spread out.

After trying that a few more times, I had a go at mixing primary colours.

 And Miss 3 Mixed her favourite colours.

Now we had seen how the colours separated, we could start getting a bit more creative.

Funky hair people:


Green tree, with blue sky as the green separated: 

 Camp fire:

And my favourite - sun set/sun rise - notice how much the ink travels up the page:

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