23 May 2013

Home made board game

What to do with somewhat sick kids on a chilly windy day? How about making your own board game?

We started with an A3 piece of heavy paper. I drew a track and Miss 3 coloured it in to match the activities for each square:

Pink - Go forward x spaces
Light blue - Take a "Spot What" card

Yellow - Take a "Charades" card
Purple - Maths roll
Red - Go back x spaces
Orange - Take a short cut
Green - Give someone a hug
Dark Green - Have and extra turn
Dark Blue - no action.

For the maths roll we rolled 3 die and add the numbers together.

Spot what cards were about 10 cards with tasks like
spot something
- red
- round
- soft
- transparent
- that uses electricity

Charades cards had really simple words on them with a (fairly mediocre) hand drawn picture. Simple enough that Miss 4 could figure them out by herself, letting Mr 5 and me both be guessers. E.g. Hat, swim, cat, jump, monkey, flower, etc.

Both kids had a go at making their own board games, but honestly found it a bit too much of a challenge, even with help. However they very much enjoyed playing the one we'd made together.

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