17 June 2012

Kitchen Chemistry

One afternoon Mr 4 asked if we could do a science experiment, something he loves. He wanted to mix milk with water and see what happened. Seeing as I didn't think that would be a particularly long lasting or exciting experiment, I decided to also start another experiment with oil, vinegar, food colour and bi-carb of soda, at the same time.

First I put the oil and vinegar in the container and looked at the layers with the kids. Then I added a few drops of red food colouring, and we admired that for a while.

We shook it and the food colouring went into the vinegar but not the oil. Then we added bi-carb for a bit of fizz.

The kids liked that, but wanted to know what would happen if we added it all to the milk and water experiment. At first we got some interesting pink patterns.

And then we went and hung out the washing and had a play. When we came back, it had turned into this interesting (although somewhat icky) separated mixture. This was then carefully saved for Mr Crafty to see, although I'm not sure he fully appreciated it ;).

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