05 July 2012

Soda and Vinegar Colours

Another rainy day to fill with inside play. This time we chose a science experiment I saw on Homemade Serenity. The idea is simple, cover a tray in Bi-carb of Soda, fill some containers with different coloured vinegar and let the kids slowly drop the vinegar on the bi-carb.

They loved it! 

First (because we didn't have any eye-droppers in house) I taught the kids how to lift up liquid using a straw with their finger on the end. That's a nice little experiment in itself. I gave them two cups, one full of water and one empty, and asked them to try and fill the empty cup.

While they were doing that I set up the tray with bi-carb and vinegar. It was definitely something I wanted to supervise for, as there was a tendency to get a bit messy (it could be nice to do on a summer day outside).

Not only did they get to see the bubbling chemical reaction, but they could also experiment with colour mixing.

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