25 May 2012

Simple Plane or Car Games

Here's a list of games I've collected (with our upcoming long-haul flight in mind), which are suitable for preschoolers in a plane or car or even in a tent on a rainy day. They should need nothing more than your body, or pens and paper (and the occasional piece of sticky tape).

Travel Games for Kids:
1. Odds and evens (pick odd or even, then stick out 1 or 2 fingers like scissors paper rock, count your fingers and your friends fingers to see if the total is odd or even).
2. Find 3 things starting with the letter…
3. I spy.
4. Thumb wrestling.
5. Stretch and wriggle. Find all the body parts you can wiggle.
6. Randomly select two body parts and try and touch those two body parts together. (Maybe make a spinning wheel with lots of body part names, or write lots of body parts down and close you eyes and pick, or get two people to choose one part each).
7. Try and guess who I am.
8. Write the alphabet, fill in an animal starting with each letter.
9. Write the alphabet, fill in a food starting with each letter.
10. Write the alphabet and find something you can see starting with each letter.

11. Draw a picture of things you might expect to see at your destination.
12. Draw a picture of a zoo.
13. Draw an outline of one or two people and then fill them in.
14. Draw an outline of a scene and then fill the picture in: a beach, the sea, a campsite, a garden, space etc.
15. Paper bag mystery. Put something in the spew bag and you have to try and guess what it is.
16. Guess the letter. One person closes their eyes, and the other draws a letter on their palm or back or foot. Could also be done with numbers or shapes.
17. Guess how many seats. Count them.
18. Hangman.
19. Naughts and crosses.
20. Close the square.

21. Make finger puppets.
22. Make a finger puppet movie.
23. Make paper clothes for a doll.
24. Make a puzzle (with square pieces).
25. Travel memory. Look at a plate of objects for 1 minute, then take the objects away and try and draw as many of them as you can.
26. Mr squiggle. Draw a few squiggles on a page and the other person has to turn it into a picture.
27. Make a scavenger hunt from a magazine.
28. Find something of every colour of the rainbow.
29. Find something in the shape of a circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, trapezoid, arch.
30. Tell a fairy tale from your head: 3 bears, Gingerbread man, 3 billy goats gruff,etc.

31. Tell a book from your head: any bedtime story you've told enough times to roughly remember by heart.
32. Make paper houses.
33. Make a mobile phone or robot out of empty fruit juice or dried fruit boxes. 

Mom's Mini Van and this site have heaps more travel game ideas.

Do you have any other good travel games?

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