15 May 2012

Butterfly Craft

I saw this being done at the local museum a while back, and adults and kids of all ages were all really enjoying it.
Draw (or trace) an outline of half a butterfly, with a dashed fold line down the centre.
Fold the paper down the fold line, and cut around the butterfly outline

Punch a hole in the centre of the fold line

Cut shapes from coloured paper and glue them on to decorate your butterfly. You could also use pens, paint, glitter, stickers, etc.

Take a chenille stick and twist it to give a finger-sized hole

Thread the legs of the chenille stick through the hole in the centre of the butterfly. The finger loop should be on the plain side of the butterfly.

At the head end of the butterfly, fold the chenille stick over the edge of the paper
Top side
Bottom side

Ready to fly!

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