21 November 2013

Painted Wooden Spoons


So it's that time of year again. Time for craft and teachers presents. These are some spoons Miss 4 and Mr 6 painted up for teacher gifts. They had such fun doing it, and are very much looking forward to giving them to their teachers. Mr 6 is usually not a painter, but this is a project he really enjoyed.

I bought a couple of nice wooden spoons, and used sticky tape to give some stencil patterns. We mixed the acrylic paint, trying to get a colour match with the chosen tea towels, and then the kids painted the handle and removed the sticky tape. For the green diamond spoon, we just cut the stencil out of clear contact paper.

Miss 4 thought they needed an extra heart, so we used clear contact to make a stencil and on went the hearts.

As a final touch I sprayed the handle with a bit of clear acrylic, taking care not to spray the food end. Very easy and fun! Thankyou to Funky Time for the inspiration.

Note: if you're painting the food end, make sure you use things that are compatible with food!

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