10 February 2013

Home made reader

Early readers are fantastic for helping kids learn to read. But once they've read them, they've read them. I thought I could write my own reader for my daughter who is starting to read.

I called the book after her.

She adored it. Not only was it all simple words she could work out by herself (or with a little help), it was about her. What more could you want?

When choosing words I was careful to try and pick words that were simple to phonetically sound out like run and jump, rather than longer words that would leave her stumped and not feeling like she could read.

I used 2 pieces of A4 paper, cut in half, and folded in half (so each page was A6 size).

The text goes:

Miss 3
I am Miss 3.
I can run.
I can jump.
I can hug.
I can dance.
I can sing.
I am Miss 3.
I am great.

It took about 4 minutes to make, and was worth every second from the smile she gave when she'd finished reading it.

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